CTF-CBP3-Andhera is a standalone level I created as a “thank you” to the fans of the Community Bonus Pack 3. I conceptualized and designed the entire level myself.
This level features mostly custom assets; most of the objects in this level were made by me, the others are stock object from Epic Games’ UT3.

The idea for this level came about while I was working on DM-CBP3-Suraj and thought I could turn the layout into a CTF level. I wanted a very clear distinction between the blue and red bases and using different times of day seemed the perfect balance between appealing visuals and amount of work. As with a number of other levels I have created I also tried to capture an atmosphere of familiarness and mystery at the same time.

Finishing this level took me about three months of spare time.

Download PC version

Download PS3 Version

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