DM-CBP3-Cydian is my first level for Unreal Tournament 3.
During the development of this level I posted screenshots of it on an Unreal-focused forum and was instantly asked to join the team behind the immensely successful Community Bonus Pack 3 as a level designer.

Inspiration for the level came from concept art for the second Jurassic Park movie. I designed this level according to my own concepts using mostly custom assets such as textures and decorative objects. Further, the level includes dynamic weather changes that trigger thunder and lighting as well as rain to help depict a real, living environment.

This level received the following honors in Epic Games’ Make Something Unreal Contest:
– Honorable Mention, Best CTF or DM map, Phase 3
– Honorable Mention, Best Graphics in Map, Phase 3

Download PC version

Please note that the PS3 version is currently only available as part of the Community Bonus Pack 3.

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