DM/CDOM-CBP3-Saip is another level I created for the Community Bonus Pack 3. This one was released in two versions: a normal deathmatch version and another for the popular Unreal Tournament 3 modification Domination (DOM with the “c” meaning “classic”).

Inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean movies I set out to create a ship in an exotic environment. The symmetrical floorplan is to equal parts a result of the idea to build a ship as well as my fondness for fast, symmetrical deathmatch levels. Apart from the general inspiration this level was entirely conceptualized and designed by me.
The vast majority of the decorative and architectural objects in this level was made by me, as well as a great number of textures. Most other textures and objects were made by Epic Games.

I entered the domination version of this level in Epic Games’ Make Something Unreal Contest and was awarded the following honors:

– 3rd place Best Graphics in Map, Phase 4
– (Finalist Best Graphics in Map, Phase 4)
– Finalist Best Level for a Mod, Phase 4

Download PC version (Deathmatch)

Download PC version (Domination)


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Please note that you will need to install the UT3 Domination mod in order to be able to play the domination version!

The provided downloads are v2.0 of the maps that were originally released along with the CBP3 v4.