Phoning Home

Phoning Home is a side scrolling game prototype I made as challenge for myself after I had finished my work on The Ball.

The goal was to create a playable game prototype in a maximum of 4 weeks – this included everything from a general gameplay concept to code and assets such as meshes and most textures (some were made by fellow Unreal community members).

The simple initial idea:

  • steer a flying character through a labyrinth of tunnels in a huge cave
  • solve puzzles of increasing difficulty
  • eventually escape the cave to return to your home planet

Gameplay mechanics are simple as well:

  • pick up, carry and use objects to keep buttons pressed, block paths or build simple structures
  • use a shockwave-like attack to destroy breakable objects such as barriers to open new paths

During the development of the prototype it became clear to me that I could possibly turn this simple challenge into a game. However, due to starting my job at Lionhead Studios I had to abandon that project eventually and leave it in its current prototype stage :(

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